Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lutheran Blessings

Why am I a Lutheran?

There are many thoughts about why a person might be a member of a certain denomination:

From a cynical perspective, one might say that a person is simply born into a denomination and sticks with it. A person doesn't really believe the denomination's doctrine, he or she merely attends because that is simply where they grew up.

The person "church shopping" might be looking for an active social environment. They might be looking for a place where they are welcome. Doctrine is far from the their minds.

Then there are those who look at doctrine and consider "the truth".
People get into the argument about "what is truth?"
They might question the method used in interpreting the bible. Is the bible figurative of literal? To what degree?

Why, then, am I a Lutheran?
It's not for simply growing up Lutheran (though I did). It's not about being part of a group that socializes (though that is very much a blessing). Instead, it is because we look at the bible and see that Adam and Eve were sinners cast out of the Garden of Eden.We see that they should have been struck down and killed for their sin, yet God spared them and clothed them and cared for them all for the sake of the Messiah he promised to send. I am a Lutheran because I am as great a sinner as Adam and Eve, and without God sending his Son to save me, I would not be here today... at all.

There is that recognition that I am a poor miserable sinner hopelessly lost unless someone would save and redeem me, and that drives me to Christ. Lutheranism rightly teaches that Christ Jesus comes in the preached Word and through the Sacraments to forgive my sins and preserve me unto life everlasting. This is the heart and soul of Lutheranism, and the heart and soul of Christianity.

This is why I am a Lutheran.

+Kyrie Eleison+

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