Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I took a hiatus from posting despite my intent to post throughout June. I did this mainly because the end of my vicarage was extremely busy and it came to a quick end, then I've been traveling ever since I got back to Oklahoma.

Here's a brief look at what I've been doing for this past month:

The end of vicarage was busy. I preached two of the last three weeks. I had something going on every evening for the last twelve or so days of vicarage. Thankfully, my love Angelyn came to Michigan to help me move. I don't think I could have packed as efficiently alone. :D

When I got back to Oklahoma I spent a couple days in Tulsa visiting my sister Betsy, her husband Tim, and their baby (my niece) Kaytlyn.

From there I went home to Meno for a day, only to leave for Winchester, TX for my cousin Christopher's wedding. After getting back, I spent a couple days in Norman, OK with Angelyn. Then I headed back to Meno.

A few days later I headed to Tulsa for Kaytlyn's baptism. I am a proud baptismal sponsor. :D

Finally, this past weekend I went down to Richardson, TX to spend some time with Angelyn and her family. I was a great weekend.

That's about it. Now I think I'll have a few weeks of stability. Hopefully I'll be able to post a bit more frequently.

+Kyrie Eleison+ (Indeed, He has as He's protected me in all my travels.)