Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gustavus Adolphus

For the next two weeks Angelyn and her family will be in Scandinavia traveling through Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. That got me thinking about Gustavus Adolphus, a great hero of the Thirty Years' War.

Why? First, because with a name like Gustavus Adolphus, you simply must be awesome. Second, as a the King of Sweden he was a superb general (often credited with furthering military strategy), an excellent governing authority (bringing order and stability to the economic well being of Sweden), and a devout Christian. Both his parents were Reformed of the Calvinistic strain, yet he was highly influenced by Lutheranism.

Angelyn has been across the Atlantic more than a few times. She mentioned to me that in some places the residents tended to memorialize certain characters, ranging from the mythical to the historical. I am hoping that Gustavus Adolphus is one of these characters that the people of Sweden have chosen to rally around.

You see, it was Gustavus Adolphus who gave great hope to the Lutheran/Protestant side during the Thirty Years' War. Though the Lutheran side was eventually gravely defeated and great concessions were made on their part, for a time due to Gustavus Adolphus' leadership and skills as a general they were inspired to make headway during that war. It has been said that as a leader he was truly devout and tried to lead a truly Christian army, if that could indeed be done.

As it is, I am hoping that Angelyn can find something "Gustavus Adolphus" to bring back for me. That would be fantastic.

+Kyrie Eleison+


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Evidence number 1 that she will be able to find this - in Minnesota there is Gustavus Adolphus College. If the immigrants still name the Colleges after you, you are important.

And point two - my Japanese History professor was "Adolphson" - Adolphus' son. You get people taking the fact that you were their ancestor and making it their last name, you were important.

Jay Hobson said...

Oh yeah, I know he was important. There's even a few city squares in Sweden named after him. I just want him to be famous enough to get like an "Adolphus vs. the Pope" action figure.

*keeping my fingers crossed

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Well, if she finds one with an "action-poseable beard" I want one too.

Jay Hobson said...

Alright, I have let her know to look for one. :-)