Monday, May 3, 2010

An Interesting Observation

As I was working on a sermon for Sunday, I began to think of the freedom we have as Christians.

Before conversion our souls are bound to Satan, and afterward we are bound to God in Christ Jesus. Yet, now as Christians because God is our Lord and Master, when presented with a decision between two choices, we have the freedom to choose either. So long as both are good and Godly, reason may decide the choice because each are good choices and God can work through you despite the choice you make.

First there is bondage, then there is freedom!

Yet, when I began to think about other "Christian" theologies, the role seems to be reversed. In this particular theology, it is supposed that there is freedom of the will before conversion. One can make a choice for God. Yet, afterward when they are Christians, they try to bind themselves to deciphering God's will - I must discern God's will for my life, for my church, and for my ______. For them, when presented with two decisions which are equally Godly and good, there IS a wrong choice and therefore they must try to bind themselves to what they think is God's will and they fret and worry and despair.

First there is freedom, then there is bondage!

What a joy to have the Gospel ringing in my ears telling me: Jay, the Lord is with you. Make your choices, I am still with you. By the blood of my Son, Jesus Christ, I am always with you. Boldly make your choices, and I will produce good fruit whatever you choose.

+Kyrie Eleison+


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

This is a post after my own heart.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

I put a link to this on the Church's facebook site - well written! And the verification -- "has hope". =o)

Jay Hobson said...

Awesome. I wonder if anyone else from church will read it?

P.S. There's definitely some pastoral influence from you in there. :)