Monday, March 15, 2010

My Last Name Is...

Part of my family is in town this week, so I figured I'd briefly post about family.

Call it God's law. Call it love toward your neighbor. Call it the table of duties. Call it vocation. Whatever you call it we are put into relation to other people. We are placed into an "office" (an established position in which God works) and we are to carry out the duties of that office in love and service. For example, I am placed into the office of "son" which means that I am to honor my father and mother and I am to love and respect them in all Godly decisions. I am a neighbor (to all mankind), thus I am in the office of "neighbor" and as such I am to (insert Luther's explanation for commandments 5-10).

I'm not sure how I am to entertain my family while they're here, but I guess I don't really have to do that. I need not worry about how to keep them excited while they're visiting. Why is this? Because God has placed me into an office in which I need only show love to them and they will be happy. They are happy that I spend time with them, that I provide for them and make them feel welcome in my (small apartment) home.

That is the freedom of vocation. And vocation is really the freedom we have in the forgiveness of sins. When God brings to me forgiveness, I am free from the oppression of the law, to abide by the law knowing that because of Christ my sin is blotted out and the law has no power to condemn, but only to guide me. That is, the law now put in it's proper place now serves to benefit both myself and particularly my neighbor by teaching me the good and right will of God. Again with forgiveness in Christ Jesus, I now can love and serve my God, father, mother, brothers and sisters without the fear of condemnation.

Familial vocation, founded on God's forgiveness, is truly freeing.

+Kyrie Eleison+


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

By chance, before he traveled up by you did your dad fulfill his vocation as Church treasurer and leave a paycheck around anywhere?

If not, I charge you to tease him mercilessly on my behalf >=o)

Jay Hobson said...

Unfortunately he did not and he feels bad about it.

And yes, you may vicar-iously tease him mercilessly through me.

P.S. He'll get it to you as soon as he gets back to OK, which translates into Friday morning. Sorry.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Not a problem -- it's worth being able to tease, methinks >=o)