Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Misinterpretation

Sometimes when you preach a sermon, it get misinterpreted. Even though the entire point of the sermon and every single line points to a certain wonderful revelation, I found that it is still possible for the entire sermon to be misinterpreted.

For example, this past Sunday I preached an entire sermon which pointed to the fact that the Church is not silent. It is not silent in the fact that, as Church, we make the confession about who God is and what he has done for us. And that forgiveness of sins and peace we have in our God, that is taught to us week in and week out, is then on our lips that we might confess as Church that very same peace to the world.

Yet, because I had in part an emphasis that the Church is not Silent, I think some may have interpreted it as, not a call to confess and spread the Gospel, but a call to be noisy in church, a call to interrupt the pastor's sermon with "Amen" as often as one likes, a call to wave your hands in the air and be a non-self-controlled evangelical in the worse sense.

But even still, that is the nature of the sinful flesh - to grasp onto the wrong ideas and cling to false hopes and self serving desires. And indeed that sinful failing is called to repentance, and even that sin is indeed forgiven.

Truly, that's the real point anyway, that people might hear of their God, repent of their sins and trust in that forgiveness found in Christ. God is still sanctifying his people - in the now. He is still by His Word bringing them to a right understanding. God willing, these people will one day understand even more fully what it means that the Church is not silent.

And if not then God will have mercy and He will come again. (Advent Thought of the Day)

+Kyrie Eleison+


Rev. Eric J Brown said...


Jay Hobson said...

Haha, no seriously, that happened yesterday (Nov. 30). *shakes head*

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

You're from Oklahoma. . . maybe they were just trying to make you feel welcome. . . .

On a serious note: It seems as though you were lamenting the fact that the Church is silent OUTSIDE the Church -- that we will sing as we will on Sunday morning, but by that afternoon our voices are silent about God until next Sunday morning.

I move to this sort of theme on occasion - it's when I end up pointing to the Church doors at the back - we do compartmentalize Church into a nice little chunk on Sunday morning and leave it alone the rest of the week --

And this might be part of the confusion -- when people think of Church, they think of the service on Sunday morning, or the building - they do not think of we as the people of the Church being silent throughout the week. In more modern parlance, you might have talked about the fact that Christians are not to be silent during the week - as Christians, as those in the Church, we confess God at all times and in all places - not just right now, not just surrounded by fellow believers, but also out there, in the world, surrounded by unbelievers and scoffers.

But yes, the misunderstandings that come sometimes are astounding -- and a lot of that comes just because people don't think theologically like you have been trained to - you must put things in laymen's terms.