Monday, December 28, 2009

History is Telling

One of the charges atheists make against religion is that it is the major cause of violence in the world. Yet, history will can prove - depending on how you look at it - that 1) they are correct, but that atheism is itself a religion and is not exempt from this rule or 2) simply that sin corrupts all men and without the renewal of the Holy Spirit, there will continue to be murderous thoughts in the hearts of all men.

So often atheists will point to the crusades and to jihadists to say that religion is the source of hatred in the world. They'll look at select history and point fingers. As it turns out, atheism has an even larger history of the slaughter of mankind. The "goddess of reason" as it is for the atheists tends to be even more murderous. Let's begin with the results of the inaptly named Enlightenment. The Enlightenment produced the French Revolution, Robespierre began his reign of Terror and thousands were put to death. Clergy and "nobility" were slaughtered, guillotined by the state. All this in the name of reason and revolution. Moving forward a little over a hundred years we'll find The Soviet Union doing much the same thing. In the name of reason and equality it promoted the killing and murdering of thousands of its own citizens, slaughtering the clergy to the point that the nation's primary denomination, Eastern Orthodoxy, was put on the endangered list. "Reason" and atheism were key proponents of this slaughter. But such promotion and such devotion must lead one to believe that atheism itself is a religion that promotes even more violence than either Islam or Christianity, despite contrary claims.

Yet, it's evidence of a bigger problem. Original sin penetrates and corrupts all men. Despite "reason" men might still reason that the killing of others is acceptable, and that violence is good if carried out in the name of "reason". So that just as when Christians sadly cried out "God wills it!" to justify their killing, so atheists cry out "Reason allows it!" to justify their murderous inclination. Sin permeates all people.

And there is only one solution for us and for all, Jesus Christ. Indeed, Christ paid for all sin and we are brought back into relation with God. The Holy Spirit, then, works in us to renew our hearts that we might no longer be inclined to kill a life, but to protect a life. It is only in Christ that these things are ever truly possible. For even Robespierre, before his Terror, was opposed to the death penalty, but later exercised it freely and harshly. Reason cannot stop the evil inclinations in men. The Holy Spirit can and does.

Might Christ and His Word be preached into our own hearts that we might be inclined to help and serve our neighbor. Holy Spirit do this.

+Kyrie Eleison+

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Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Now, what if that picture had been printed with "Imagine a world without Muslims"? Would it be viewed as politically acceptable?