Monday, December 21, 2009

Epic Fail

I hugely erred last Friday.

I was delivering Christmas gifts for the wish tree on behalf of the church. I had already delivered to two families and was approached to deliver to one more. This last family happened to be the largest family we were delivering to. There were 8 large bags full of gifts. So I delivered to the address that I was told, but made the mistake of not making sure the family's name was correct. As it turned out, I had delivered this massive load of gifts to the wrong family.

Yes, I feel awful. Not only was I unable to retrieve the gifts, but now a large family was without gifts for Christmas. And even moreso, I cost the church financially, because they decided to buy gifts for this family out of unallocated church funds, from money the church doesn't have. It was an epic failure on my part.

If I had simple spoken a few little words - What's your name? - all the trouble and confusion and pain could have been avoided and there could have been much less stress this Christmas season.

Diligence. Diligence could have prevented this. I was not diligent.

But as through all my epic failures, I intend to learn from what happened. This was simply Christmas presents for a family. They were greatly needed presents, but merely material possessions. How much more then should I be diligent when it comes to things which affect both body and soul?

The epic failure that could result from not speaking a few words - Christ has died for you. You're sins are forgiven. - will result in much more than sadness on Christmas morning. It could affect the entirety of life here on earth and life and salvation with God forever. Without speaking those words, I could leave a person in the depths of hell and without hope. This is something which I immensely desire to avoid.

God grant this epic sinner a repentant heart and diligence with Your word of truth, that I might proclaim Your name in forgiveness.

+Kyrie Eleison+

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Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Oh, that is lousy -- I'm sorry for you guy.

And that's why I let Carolyn handle our angel tree stuff - she is out there now. And if you haven't, ask your mom about Angel Tree stuff. . . and Nestorius >=o)