Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Ambrosia is known in mythology as food of the Gods which bestows immortality.

Saint Ambrose, while His name may not be based upon this Greek godly food, certainly he has given the world a much more wonderful food to chew on. Perhaps with another even more powerful food of the God (note the True GOD here), music, he has made a significant impact on humans throughout history.

In his powerful hymn, Savior of the Nations Come, Saint Ambrose tells us of our wonderful God and his entrance and purpose in this world. Our Lord Jesus Christ step forth from his mothers womb, defeats sin in his own death, rises, ascends and returns to the Father victorious having forgiven our sins and freed us from the bondage of sin.

This message of salvation is the True Food of God, which is the powerful, nourishing, and transforming words of forgiveness. As we eat another Food of God, the Lord's Supper, rejoice in Christ who became incarnate that you might have life everlasting in His name - true immortality bestowed and sustained only in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Thank you Saint Ambrose for your wonderful hymn and a reminder to me and all people in these last days before Christmas where real food for thought, life, and eternal life comes from!

+Kyrie Eleison+

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