Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Snares of Death

We walk about this life and the snares of death surround us. Sin seeks to entrap us and entangle us. It seeks to bind us that we may not get away. It seeks our death as is the wages of such binding sin. The drunkard knows this well, so does the addict. The fornicator and the gossip understand as well the strength of such holds. They understand the death which comes from such a strong stranglehold on one's life.

Yet our Lord Jesus Christ is our only hope. In fact he sought out the snares of death, every sin that would cause every man to die. He was bound in that snare of death, bound in our sins , releasing us from that bondage and taking death upon himself. Yet, the snares of death could not hold Him, and he broke the chains of death and rose again.

He was bound that I may be free. He died that I might live. He rose that I might live in Him with the confidence that no snare of death may ever hold me forever. Amen.

+Kyrie Eleison+

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