Friday, November 13, 2009

I Am an Uncle

I have been an uncle for sometime over a little more than two months now, because that is how long my sister Betsy has been pregnant.

Some may say, "Jay, you're not an uncle yet. Your niecphew hasn't been born."

Well, I have decided to let the theology surrounding "life" shape my worldview. As Christians we rightly call the child a child from the moment of conception. It is a child. That being said. I now have relation to that small child living in my sister's womb - I am an uncle. This is a wonderful revelation. For now, I rightly see my place as a person in relation to my sister's child. I now have a whole 7 months to ponder this new relationship that God Himself has placed me into. What a wonderful blessing to be able to think of the many ways that I can serve and love my niecphew before I see this child face to face!

I am so happy to be an uncle and I can't wait to hold my niecphew come June 19th(ish), 2010!

+Kyrie Eleison+


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

I agree - you are an uncle now. However, you have either a niece or a nephew. Never use the term niecephew again.

Jay Hobson said...

This is true, I do have either a niece or a nephew. It is a fact. Yet, this has not been revealed to me (neither has it been revealed to Tim or Betsy). So in the area of jest and being technically incorrect as a bit of humor for my post on "being correct", I used the term niecphew. Out of jest.. Out of jest...