Thursday, November 26, 2009

Father, Provider

Finding the reason why we give thanks can sometimes be lost on Thanksgiving. Thankfully (truly), I heard a wonderful sermon on giving thanks at the Thanksgiving Eve Service here at my vicarage congregation. It was about giving thanks in thought, word, and deed for all the first article gifts that our Lord provides.

I also had a conversation with our church secretary (who is simply indispensable) on Tuesday about giving Christmas gift. We discussed how hard it is to shop for dads. The joke is, as you know, that dad always gets a tie for Christmas, Father's Day, Birthday, etc. In my family it's always DVDs. :)

That conversation got me thinking about why it is so hard to buy gifts for dad, and thinking about the Thanksgiving holiday got me thinking about all that God provides me. And the light bulb (at least the loosely screwed in one) in my head went off.

I think one of the reason why it is so hard to shop for dad is because of Dad's vocation. God has given my father the role of provider, this is the one whom He has put in place to provide me with many of those first article gifts. So when I go to buy gifts for my dad, I think what does dad want? And it is hard to figure that out, because dad is the provider, he has and is the one who gives. Is there anything that I could give my dad, that He could not get for himself? Truly no. And indeed the one thing dad really wants is to be with me and provide for and care for me. Basically he want to love his son.Certainly he would love to receive gifts, but what gift is better than a son who looks to his father for care and comfort?

And my father truly is simply an imperfect picture that points to my heavenly Father. He provides me with all things. What could I hope to provide my Father with, that He has not provided me? What could I offer my Father as gift and sacrifice of thanksgiving that is not already provided by Him? And the answer is truly nothing. Surely my heavenly father rejoices that I would seek to bring him a gift. But I am sure that His ultimate joy comes from knowing that I look to Him for all thing with the very faith that He has given me through His Son Jesus Christ. His ultimate joy comes from knowing that He cares for me and I look to Him for that care.

Thank the Lord for fathers and mothers that provide for their families, fathers and mothers that love and care and point to a reality that there is a greater Father at work loving and caring for His children.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

+Kyrie Eleison+

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Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Should I tell Byron that he's getting squaduish this year? >=o)

Seriously, an excellent point - although witch earthly fathers there do come points where children do "provide" for them -- your mom and dad are to the point where they do a lot of providing for their parents.

The thing is - God never grows old, never needs a helping hand. But maybe this is why so many people move to a theology where we have to help God along. . . we have such a hard time of thinking of a relationship where we are simply those who are provided for, period.