Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Way We Speak

Growing up, I learned how to speak. I didn't merely learn to talk, but I learned the language itself - the nouns and verbs and inflections and all the nuances that come with learning to speak. And it wasn't taught primarily in school, but at home - I don't think "fixin' to" is in any vocabulary lists throughout the educational system. And learning was not a matter of sitting down and cracking homemade textbooks, but it was done by mimicking.

I learned to mimic the language of my father. He wouldn't sit down and teach me to say "fixin to" but it was how He talked, and so I followed the way he talked. I loved my father then, as I do now. As a boy growing up, he knew everything. My father was the greatest guy. I loved my father so much, I even took after the way he talked.

In the same way we are born into a family of Christian believers. Our Heavenly Father teaches us how to speak of Him through his Holy Word. Now, like our father on earth, God doesn't sit down often and tell us exactly how to speak - with exception perhaps in the Lord's Prayer as elsewhere. Instead, because He is our Father, we love Him. We look and see how He speaks, and we speak the same things. We look to God our Heavenly father with so much love and appreciation because of the gift of salvation he gave in Jesus Christ, that we too as the church, rightly speak the language of our Lord.

Unfortunately, this tends to be a dying trend. Instead of seeing the way our Lord speaks and mimicking his language, the church seems to be finding "more popular" ways of speaking. The church has begun to adopt language less biblical and more worldly in character. Yes, I am keeping this vague. But, you can see the changes if you just look at the language some churches are using now days. You can see these churches have moved away from the way God uses words and phrases, to using their own forms and catchwords. Some astonishingly even re-define the language God has originally spoken. These churches have left their Father's Word, for the words of others.

If they have decided the Words of their Father insufficient, what else of the Father's might these deem undesirable?

+Kyrie Eleison

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