Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finding Some Ground to Stand On

Today was a little bit of an off day for me. I woke up and just felt odd. Nothing was quite right. I couldn't concentrate well enough to be productive and my mind was in other places.

I tried reading a blog or two on theology, but they just made me even more irritated than I was. Everything was off kilter.

Now, it may sound odd, but I decided to go over to the church and just do some liturgy. So I grabbed my Bible and walked over.

Trinity here in Saint Joseph, MI has a beautiful sanctuary. Not only that, but the church is well designed and singing is very easy. They spent a large sum of money on refurbishing the organ. It sounds incredible. But this morning, I didn't have the organ. The church was quiet and no one was around, so I went up the railing and started through Morning Prayer from the Lutheran Service Book. I sang all the parts myself. I chanted a psalm. I happen to be reading through Luke, so I read from Luke 14. I said some prayers and ended with the alternate benediction.

Now it is later in the afternoon. I still feel out of kilter. It is slow around here, and I can't get into any kind of rhythm.

But for the 20 minutes it took to go through the brief service, I had found some footing. I knew this. It was familiar. It was God's Word. It comforted me today. I needed it to comfort me. Now, there are some days when any liturgy will be a little more rote than usual. However, it's days like these that Jesus' familiar Words can make all the difference.

+Kyrie Eleison

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Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Remember this when dealing with people who are tossed around and distressed. The liturgy can be quite calming (and I am always amazed at how many people take comfort in the common responses, especially at a graveside service). It serves as an anchor when being tossed about.

Sadly, as our familiarity with the liturgy (and devotion to it) wanes, we may be left where it is only the Lord's Prayer that is left - but still, it is the Lord's own Prayer, it is a good one.