Thursday, July 2, 2009

Harvesting is a Dirty Job

Luke 10:2 speaks of a harvest being plentiful, but the laborers being few. Also that we should pray the Lord would send these men.

But what of this harvest? What are the laborers to expect?

Looking back through time since Adam first cultivated this ground and brought forth fruit by the sweat of his brow, harvesting crops has always been a dirty and hard and tiresome task. Even today this is true. Despite all the advances that have been made with technology, harvesting a crop is still a dirty and tiring job filled with all sorts of mishaps.

For example, this year during harvest, we had a few things break down (the truck and the auger) and the combine had it's problems. It should also be noted that dirt and grossness necessarily had to cover us as we fixed the problems. Of course, don't forget about the 100 degree weather we had as well!

Things go wrong and it is no fun for those who are harvesting.

If the task of harvesting a crop is any indication, there are many implications for those laborers being sent into his harvest. It means that harvesting, or being a pastor, is a dirty and hard and tiresome task! There will be times when things don't go the way they should. There will be times when you will get tired and worn out in caring for God's people.There will be times when the beating heat of the devils attacks wears you down.

But the harvest must go on. And it will go on. Not because of the men and their strength, but because of Christ and his strength. Christ is the True Harvester. He is the one who plants the seeds, He is the one through the Holy Spirit who brings these seeds to fruition and it is because Him that the Father cares for and nourishes these seeds throughout their time of living and dying.

And it was no easy task for this Harvester either. For to ultimately harvest His crop, he took upon himself a grueling, hard, filthy, blood stained task. He went to work in the field of His Father and by His suffering and death watered the ground with His own blood. Thus, bringing to life the seed which was dead and making it ripe because of the forgiveness found in that blood.

If the True Harvester endured so much, how much more will the servants, the laborers sent by the Harvester, endure? They will be persecuted and the task will be tiresome, but Christ is ever guiding them in their task. But the harvest is ready. He will call men. Pray that the Lord would send these men into his fields and harvest the crop according to his good and gracious will.

+Kyrie Eleison

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