Friday, May 1, 2009

A New Song Shall Now Be Begun

It was the year 1523. Two men are martyred for the proclamation of the Gospel in Brussels. Their names were John and Henry. These men are some of the first men killed during the Reformation for proclaiming the Gospel. The Gospel that Christ alone saves us without any merit or worthiness in us, but solely by the imputed righteousness of Christ himself.

Dr. Martin Luther wrote a hymn about the death of these two men. Friends, this is a powerful hymn. Life, suffering and death. These things are real for the Christian. In this hymn "A New Song Shall Now Be Begun" Luther proclaims in such a simple way the Gospel at its barest. Yet, he does in such a beautiful way.

When this hymn was published it spread like a wildfire across the land. People sang this hymn all the time. It was on their lips and gave people hope once again in the purest Gospel which these two men held onto.

Perhaps when we think of Saints, we have become to callous to the superstitions of Rome. However, these two Saints in God's Kingdom lived and died for the Gospel, and should be remembered as Luther so eloquently composed it. For these men remind us of the high cost of the Gospel. These men remind us that the Gospel does matter and must be kept pure at all costs. May God grant us such a strong confession!

+Kyrie Eleison+