Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Great Start

Yes, after a 1-month break I have finally posted again. Here's to posting more regularly than once a month.

Winter Quarter is here. And I think it should be less busy than I first thought it would be. So here's a rundown of my classes from the ones that demand the most work.

1) Church History II - There is a lot of reading and Prof. Coles is going to kill a lot of trees with all the handouts I have to memorize. However, I love this time period. So, although the workload (150 pages of reading a week) is great, it should be fun and manageable.

2) Pauline Epistles - The big thing here is exegetical work and the papers that I have to write. I have two 10-12 pagers for this class as well as weekly quizzes. Not bad, just time demanding. However, I am not too worried about this class either. I had both the professors, Dr. Peter Scaer and Dr. Nordling, for Gospels I and Gospels II respectively. I did well in both their classes and I know what they are looking for in my exegesis.

3) Catechetics - Prof. John Pless on learning how to teach the catechism and other catechism benefits. A project and a paper in here make this class thrid on the list. Oh yeah, and I get to remember/memorize the small catechism for recital, again.

4) Church History IV - I have heard that Dr. Rast's tests are hard and that the first test could end up being my only grade in the class. I guess it's just extra incentive in doing very well on the first test.

5) Pastoral Counseling - 2 tests - Pretty much all the answers are given in class as "Tuition Dollar" questions. It shouldn't be too tough.

6) Greek readings and Field Ed - Prof. Harvala and Prof. Pless are teaching those respectively. I think I will learn much from Prof Harvala as his approach is to exegete a text for preaching. These are simple classes.

That's a rundown of my classes.

+Kyrie Eleison+


Tim said...

It is about time. J/k.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Who do you have for Pastoral Counseling?

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Oh, yeah - and now do you know why I say, "Gads" all the time?