Monday, November 3, 2008

Before Bed...

Three things you should not do before bed...
1) Eat a bag of Sunflower Seeds
2) Eat a Snickers Bar
3) Drink a Beer

(I had a munchie craving)

All fine things, of course, but not the best things to have just before bed.

Three things you should do before bed.
1) Pray
2) Pray
3) Pray some more.

If you think this is Law you are right. In fact, in the Large Catechism, Luther says we must first pray because God has commanded it. He places it under the authority of the Second Commandment in rightly calling upon God's name.

However, more importantly, Luther places prayer under pure Gospel. For with prayer, we look at the Lords Prayer and pray to God knowing that we are asking Him as dear children ask their dear Father and he gladly gives to us. With prayer, we have a sure defense against the devil, the world and our sinful flesh. Why? Because it is the last thing the devil wants. He never wants God's name upon our lips calling out to him for help and guidance against the evil one. It is when he can make you go your own way, not calling upon God, that the devil would have you go.

So pray before you go to bed. Pray and have always the name of the Lord upon your lips crying out to Him for strength to live lives according to His Word, for the Holy Spirit that He would continue to keep us in the one true faith, for the will of Satan and all evil things to be broken and no harm come to us, for everything that we need to support this body and life, for forgiveness and the strength to forgive our neighbor, for endurance against temptation, and steadfastness against the evil one himself. It is God's good will to give all this you.

+Kyrie Eleison. Amen.