Saturday, October 25, 2008

Really? #1

This is the first installment of my new mini-series of posts called Really? In this series I am going to point out some things which are common misconceptions about certain aspects of Christianity. Hopefully, it will be helpful to some, and thought provoking to others. And to others, simply enjoy what you already know, or dispute with me how I could be off kilter.

Here we go.

One common misconception that I have found:
People don't realize the devil and demons are really real, or they simply don't think these beings have any power.

We have all kinds of examples showing that Satan and his demons are real.
In Genesis, Satan himself shows up as a serpent. He tempts Eve away from God and ultimately Adam as well. The book of Job shows that Satan there also is very real. If we look in the Gospels, Jesus is casting out demons and rebuking Satan himself. Truly, Satan and demons are real. And they at least have some power to cause harm and danger in this world.

But, it is easy for us today to not even think of Satan nor his demons to cause us any grief today. We attribute almost anything and everything to a rational explanation (thank you enlightenment) and are just as skeptical if someone tells us that demon possession is real. But here, we must stick to what God's Word says. If Jesus cast out demons, then they are real. If Jesus rebuked Satan, then Satan is real. If these demons could possess a human, or cause a person grief, then demons really do give people grief and lead them away from the one true God.

I am not going to go into detail trying to decipher what might be a demon as compared to what might simply be an actual medical condition. However, I think there is room to say that temptation and grief and burden can, in fact, come from actual attacks of devils.

This is why Luther writes so adamantly that prayer (especially the Lord's Prayer!) is the main offense against the devil and all his ways. Because of this very real threat of the minions of Satan, prayer is essential in calling out to God against Satan and assuring the believer that they have God's promise of salvation from these attacks.

Looking at it from another perspective. What does this mean if you don't believe that Satan and his minions actually exist? It means that Satan has you where he wants you. He doesn't want you calling out to God for help! If there is not enemy, there is no need for a savior. There is no need to cry out. There is no need for salvation.

That there is no need for salvation!

This is what Satan wants you to believe. This is Satan's vanishing trick that turns people away from God. If he can tell you it's all good, then he'll let you believe also that you don't need Jesus.

Into temptation lead us not.
When evil foes against us plot
And vex our souls on every hand,
Oh, give us strength that we may stand
Firm in the faith, a well-armed host,
Through comfort of the Holy Ghost!

From evil, Lord, deliver us;
The times and days are perilous.
Redeem us from eternal death,
And when we yeild our dying breath,
Console us, grant us calm release,
And take our souls to Thee in peace.

- "Our Father, Thou in Heaven Above"
The Lutheran Hymnal #458
Stanzas 7&8, Petitions 6&7 of the Lord's Prayer

+Kyrie Eleison

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Rev. Eric J Brown said...

There is no Evil One, there is no real evil. Or if there is. . . it's not me and what I do. . . it's limited to someone like Hitler.

Now, if you want to explore the contrast between good and evil, in a few years we should buy Star Wars: The Old Republic - and if I have to do some quests multiplayer I want to do them with a fellow I know.