Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day Back

Classes begin anew.

Pentateuch Uno, Dog II, Church History III, Hom II and Lutheran Confessions II. It looks to be a good quarter albeit a busy one.

Moses authored the Pentateuch, but maybe or maybe not using sources; Baptism is the most important thing the first years will learn at seminary; and reading the Nicene Creed in Latin prevents people from swimming the Bosporus.

That was my first day as a second year student.
We'll see how Hom goes tomorrow and Confessions goes on Thursday evening.

+Christ Have Mercy on us this year+

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Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Keep giving the updates. . .

And I use things I learned in Genesis (your Pent 1. . . sounds like what we'd call Chad Johnson if he played linebacker) in bible class every Sunday morning. In fact, last week I talked about how Moses can reference the "mighty men of renown" -- and people then knew who Moses was talking about. . . but those stories are gone.

Just like 1000 years from now people probably aren't going to be talking all that much about Robin Hood.