Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Is Jesus not enough?

For those of the "experiential age" of Christianity, Jesus is not enough.

It is not enough that Jesus comes into their midst, every Sunday in the Lord's Supper. It is not enough that God has promised them salvation under His triune name in Baptism. It is not enough that the Holy Spirit chooses to work through the Word of God in a sermon, whether or not that Word is excellent preached.

Feeling, apparently, is the paramount of Christianity. Sensuality, almost. Borderline sexual desire, talking about Jesus as if he were a lover. And then to top it all off, there is a general feeling that you have no idea what is happening to you, so you call it the Holy Spirit to cover your tracks.

That is not Jesus. That is not God. He has done his work concretely, by becoming a man and going to the cross. And he continues to still work concretely to give you the forgiveness he won: His Word and the Sacraments.

Looking at yourself takes your eyes off God and off the cross. "It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man." Psalm 118:8

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